What’s for lunch?!

Depending on your inclination it was an eventful day today for our peregrines. Not 40 minutes after visiting campus this morning to check on our peregrine family (who typically were notably once more) we received a text message from one of our locally-based campus staff members with exciting news. Terri and her daughter had just witnessed a peregrine catch in mid-air right over the lake in a paddock, about 200 metres (650 ft) from the tower…. by now I was 40 minutes’ drive away!….

All three peregrines were ‘in residence’ but it was “Little Miss Trouble” Solo who took the lead, hauling in a galah and taking it heavily to ground not 30 metres (100 ft) away, apparently with quite an impact (which raises the question about whether she damaged herself from a similar action last week?). Swift flew down and took up residence on a nearby dead tree branch to monitor her charge while Beau flew low circles for a while before heading back up to the tower.

Terri and daughter watched as Solo enjoyed her meal but not without unwanted company – a nosey magpie flew in and decided to scavenge so Solo, on her one good leg, kept nagging and dragging lunch further along the rocky outcrop, protecting her prize. I spoke to Terri on the phone during Solo’s lunch and could clearly hear her excitedly minding her food from this nosey magpie! Interestingly Swift didn’t hang around and left before Solo had finished.

Less than an hour later she’d finished lunch and head headed back into the trees up by the tower. It’s a rare event for someone to witness a peregrine catch, especially so close by, so no doubt Terri and daughter will be quizzed by Cilla and myself for weeks to come!

At nearly 3 months old Solo is catching her own meals now, which appears to be quite advanced for her age. Satisfying to know that she is able to achieve this with her one good leg. This was comparatively large prey too and on that basis is even more impressive (or is that just the “step-grandparent” coming out in me?!).

Thanks to Terri & daughter for a wonderful description of today’s events and to Lydie for help with the post-mortem! Yet another milestone this season for FalconCam Project.


Solo resting, late in the evening

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  1. Oh, this is such good news! Thanks for posting this very descriptive narrative of Solo’s “catch”! Sounds as if she is managing well, for the time being, even with her injured leg!

  2. Wonderful news and very encouraging! Thank you for the update and the photo! Rest up that leg Solo 🙂 We are all very proud of you!

  3. I was so happy to read this update, that I posted on the photograph page instead of here. This update is very encouraging to read. May Solo continue to heal, grow stronger and adapt. Such good news!
    Thank you.

  4. So nice to hear that Solo is catching her own prey. My hopes are that she will continue to adapt and manage on her own eventually. Thanks for keeping us up to date on the news. Happy New Year to All!!

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