The Orange campus “Big Christmas Eve Limerick Face Off”

This year, as previously, Orange campus staff organised a Limerick “Face-Off” again and as usual it was hotly contested. The winner this year, staffer Karilyn Gilchrist, gave the FalconCam Project a big tick with her winning entry and with Karilyn’s permissions we can now bring it to you!

"The peregrines want to say thanks
To young mountaineering Scott Banks
Who ascended their tower
For hour upon hour
When a new chick was joining their ranks

They say sorry to brave Aunty Cilla
For the times that they did swoop to kill'er
And will give her a smidgeon
Of a freshly killed pigeon
If that Christmas dinner will fill'er

And away up there on their height
They will look out for Santa tonight;
They say he's no flier
But a jolly good trier
So they'll make sure he gets there alright"

2 thoughts

  1. LOL!!! Love your Limerick “Face-Off” contest! Excellent choice of the winner! Congratulations, Karilyn! On our Manitoba, Canada Falcon Cam Forum, we occasionally have contests like this. Last evening, we held our second annual Peregrine Falcon Phanatic Christmas Party, at the Radisson Hotel, (in the Peregrine Room, of course!) in downtown Winnipeg, where our nestbox is located.

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