Life goes on, up the tower

On Christmas Day life moves on for our peregrine family. At a time when we’re all thinking about those battling everything that nature is throwing at us including severe snow in Europe (and elsewhere), flooding (around Australia) and storms over (it seems) most of the planet, Solo and her family take each day as it comes.

Swift taking a moment

With an injured youngster things are a little slower but after watching Solo’s superb flying exhibition yesterday there’s still hope for her. She looks awkward on the ground, as we’ve seen in the trees, but once off the ground she’s in her element.

Best wishes to all our viewers around the world, thoughts are with you all …

3 thoughts

  1. I wish you a Merry Christmas and thank you for your wishes .. Christmas is fun for you! et le bonjour du Qu├ębec Anne-Marie

  2. Merry Christmas to Solo, Swift, Beau, Scott, Cilla & the rest of your recovery team! Thank you for all of your care and concern for peregrine falcons, both in Australia and around the world!

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