A brighter day

With Solo’s apparent injury hanging over the Project at the moment it was good to see some happier peregrine activity today. Solo didn’t appear again until around lunchtime but this time she was flying with both parents. On a bright sunny day, with high cloud as a background, we were treated to an amazing flying display way up high by all three peregrines using the strong upper winds to dive, circle and wheel across the sky with each other. This went on for a few minutes at high altitude, Solo nagging and fussing as usual with each parent taking quick swoops at her in what seemed like fun. The breeze took all three birds right over campus and out to the east before they returned again.

Video footage taken later in the sequence shows almost unrecognisable dots unfortunately but it was absolutely wonderful to see all three peregrines doing what peregrines do best; a rarity in these parts. We three observers tried to get a close look at Solo and it may be the distance or the flying angles but her leg didn’t seem to be hanging as badly as it was yesterday. Monitoring continues …

Thank you to everyone for their thoughts, good advice and encouragement. We will let nature play itself out at the moment but are closely watching events and will do what we can.

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  1. That’s great news. I feel that if Solo were injured any more than suspected then she wouldn’t be a contender in such aerial manoeuvrings. Let’s sincerely hope that the upset is superficial, even though in your video it looked dreadfully painful and useless.

    I also agree with the comments and encouraging information on your previous post regarding recuperation from injury, there have been some amazing recoveries.
    Thanks for the update.

  2. Wonderful way to start the day with encouraging news about our girl! I’m happy her parents are both with her and no doubt looking after her welfare as well as all of you on the ground!

  3. Thank you for the update. That she’s high spirited and energetic is encouraging and possibly her injury is less serious than it first appeared. I am wishing for the best possible outcome for Solo.

  4. Bonjour, je suis navrée d’apprendre que Solo soit blessée à une patte ,j’espère que si une intervention humaine doit être faite ce sera pour le bien de Solo.Mais souvent la nature fait bien les choses binne chance à Solo .Merci pour les nouvelles et le vidéo.

  5. Very encouraging news about Solo! And I like that Carly has referred to her as “our girl”, for that she is!!! Thank you for sharing “your girl” with us, Scott, Cilla & team! We are all of us, from the far corners of the world, rooting for her!

  6. Nicely said, Kathy. There are many people at many forums rooting for “our girl”. All the best, Scott, Cilla and team.

    1. Thanks all! Yes, we think of Solo and her parents, and previous siblings, as being “our family” i.e. for everyone who’s interested in following this peregrine family. Not that any of the peregrines really know or realise that we’re watching (Swift would blow more than a fuse if she knew!!) but Solo and her family are for everyone of us to follow. We enjoy watching them and bringing it all to you and we’re stoked that there are so many people round the world who share our enthusiasm!


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