Unphased by current human celebrations

Little to report from up in the Concrete Hilton nor in the surrounding trees. Life is going on, Solo is doing her best to adapt to a new way if sitting, but activities such as feeding haven’t changed and we know when food has arrived, when “Little Miss Trouble’s” vocal talents come to the fore. She seems to be OK branch hopping and once off the ground she has full flight capability. How or whether she’ll adapt remains to be seen, but we’ll monitor her over the University campus break (until 4th January) and will be regular visitors in to check on our young charge.

We worry for Santa in his flying sleigh; if he’s been watching the Project then he’ll know not to fly anywhere near campus. If Swift sees him there are going to be traffic control issues and we get this image of broken and ruined presents scattered around the campus grounds after Santa took a high-G turn to avoid a 320km/hr impact with a small but very fast, and very angry, bird….

Best wishes to all, thank you to everyone so much for your interest and support of FalconCam Project in recent times, have a wonderful holiday season and rest assured we’ll be on the case of these peregrines right the way through in to 2011. Cheers all!

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