A season of new milestones

This year FalconCam Project has seen a few important milestones – the second and bigger roost was installed, our first footage of an actual peregrine falcon chick hatching, a functional Donations capability and University account established, but now a more worrying incident – the first injury.  It appears our 3rd season chick Solo has badly injured herself somehow and we observed her today in the roost trying to eat lunch balancing on one leg. We’re hoping it’s a temporary injury, such as a sprain etc, but there’s every chance she’s broken her leg.

An injured Solo trying to eat lunch

When trying to stand on the ledge she has all her weight on her right foot and the problem was more noticeable when she began to eat lunch supplied by her parents.  In a brief video you can see her twist around and drag her poor left leg, claws curled up and useless.

About 20 minutes later Solo went for a brief flight across campus at very low altitude, using the strong winds to steady herself  in the odd stall. A group of workmen on one of the roofs also noticed her predicament and we could clearly see her left leg dangling like a loose twig before she flew back around the other side of the tower. Later this afternoon a search was undertaken but she’s not resting in the trees below the tower.

Capture by a licenced carer would not be easy as Solo is flying competently, still has a good appetite and is fully alert.

Injured Solo stretching

It’s disturbing to see but we’re well aware there’s only so much we can do. Rest assured anything we can do to help Solo legally we will.

4 thoughts

  1. Poor Solo, I sincerely hope she comes to ground – safely of course, not crashing – and you are able to rescue her.

    We’ve had falcons here with injured talons, one even lost his foot and survived without interference. The difference however was that these birds already knew how to hunt. We just have to be hopeful that Solo’s mum and dad adjust her training during this period and help her out. If they push her to expand her skills then she may just injure herself more.

    Please keep us updated when you can, I’ll be thinking of her and worrying now.

  2. Its so hard to see Solo having this difficulty eating & know that she’s suffering, but I wanted to let you know of another youngster who had a similar injury & in fact probably broke her leg. Her name is Polly at the Montreal nest (which has a webcam). She stayed with her parents for the first year & her leg eventually healed, although it healed at an odd angle. Before Polly left the area this past nesting season, she was able to take care of herself, so even if Solo’s leg is broken, her story can have a happy ending!

  3. Hopefully she’ll get all the helps that she needs. I’ll be waiting for more updates and hope for the best. Please take care of Solo.

  4. Oh my goodness, this is such sad news about Solo’s injured leg/foot. It was difficult to watch her limping around in the nestbox on the video. I do hope that she recovers from her injury. I know that you will all do whatever you can to help her, but under the circumstances, I imagine you will just have to let nature take it’s course and hope for the best. Very sad, indeed. :>(

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