Rain ……

At the beginning of what some meteorologists are already saying will be the wettest local Orange December on record the peregrines have taken shelter. Storms and local flood warnings are current for all over central and southern New South Wales districts (we’re in the central bit!), which means very little food available for our predators today. They will have to pick and choose during any breaks from the incessant rain.

Swift has taken to her familiar perch against the tower on the microwave dish arm in the lee of the pouring rain but no sight nor sound from either Solo and Beau who will know doubt be hunkering down somewhere in the leaky trees below.

As they say in sports circles, “rain has delayed play” …. (I hope someone remembered to bring in the doormat for the eyrie …)

The rain is depressing

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  1. Are you experiencing the effects of La Nina/ Southern Oscillation? I am in the Pacific Northwest of the United States and we share the fluctuations with you. The birds have no other option than to wait it out.

    1. Hi Mick,

      yes pretty sure we’re getting the same La Nina effect as you’re getting. It’s creating some amazing weather patterns everywhere, it seems, with major flooding right across New South Wales here. So far Orange and our peregrines have only encountered average/nominal conditions but there will be more to come.


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