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Lots of ‘normal’ going on around campus at the moment, which is a good sign. We can tell when food has arrived as Little Miss Mayhem is calling and nagging and letting everyone know. There was also a report from the other day by a staff member that she was seen trying to eat a large pink galah on the top of the tower but had all sorts of problems when it started to slip down the angled roof slope!

Today Solo has spent all morning in the trees with the odd wheeling flight around the tower, with Swift spotted briefly back up no the microwave dish itself. Little else to report so far, which again is probably a good thing. We’ll go for a walk through the trees again this afternoon to see who we can spot.

A new, high-strength telephoto lens arrived for one of our handheld cameras this week but has proven to be a bit of a disaster (i.e. image quality) so I doubt we’ll be able to use it after all.

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  1. “Little Miss Mayhem”, indeed.
    Thank you for the update and too bad about the lens. The photos in the Gallery and Slideshow are great and most appreciated.

  2. Aw!!! Too bad about telephoto lens not working out. But as Mick has said, we’re still enjoying the photos in your photo gallery! And I don’t think that I have ever said this but I want to compliment you all on your your amazing website!

    1. Kathy, Mick, Carly, Anne-Marie, Audrey Jannice and ALL our regular contributors,

      Thanks very much for your kinds words; appreciated. With a little help from WordPress and some good hosting it makes it easier, and relatively simple to maintain as well. The odd tweak here and there, et voila! Sorry Anne-Marie, our French is not so good yet!

      The medium-term forecast for Orange for December is indeed a very wet one, with ongoing rain at the moment and a damp next few weeks (as I write the rain returns once more). It will mean Beau and Swift will have to be well on guard to take every opportunity they can out there. Presently Solo appears very chirpy (even when wet!) with no signs of tiredness or malnutrition.

      Thanks again to all,

      Scott and team

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