A quiet weekend (relatively)

Considering the amount of rain we’re getting (and it’s much worse elsewhere in New South Wales) the peregrines have got off lightly and feeding patterns appear to be normal with a couple of meals each day. We can tell when food has arrived, based on Solo’s vocalisations! This morning Beau arrived back with food, and prior to Solo stealing it all she treated us to a few open soaring loops around the tower, while Swift quietly avoided the fuss up on the ledge, and Beau then took off in a north-westerly direction again where he often heads on departure. With GPS units attached we’d know where he goes but north-west of here, a few kilometres away, there are some pretty big pine forests, and lots of farm land – no doubt good pickings.

All is quiet again …. weather and wet long grass permitting we’ll got for a walk through the trees this afternoon for some bird spotting ….

2 thoughts

  1. Thank you for the descriptive update! I can see Solo doing loops in my mind ..you articulate it so well for us! Happy to hear the family is doing well and finding food in spite of the weather!

  2. it’s great to know that the whole family falcon is doing well and that “they can feed adéquatement.Cela allow Solo to make progress and early learning to hunt … Thanks again for all the information.

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