Early morning breakfast

We arrived on campus this morning to find all three peregrines on the tower – a real treat. And even moreso for that wayward chick Solo as she was enjoying her very own tenderised galah for breakfast, while Swift watched passively from the other end of the tower, and Beau stayed out of the way down on the ledge.

A big thank you to everyone who’s sent us wishes and messages – we think you’re all fantastic for watching with us and enjoying the activities… and hanging in there!! More to come…..

Swift (left), Solo eating, Beau on ledge

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  1. That’s the milestone we were waiting for, to see Solo back up on the tower!! Nice that her parents rewarded her with breakfast for her accomplishments!

    YOu must all feel like proud parents today! Thank you so much for sharing Solo with us!

    1. Hi Jannice, Carly,

      We wholeheartedly agree – it was very much a Yippee moment last night. It was a best outcome after all. Now we’ll watch Solo gather confidence to fly further afield and learn how to hunt in the next couple of months, no doubt with a couple of hen-pecked parents during this phase. At any point that we can get decent outdoor photos (as well as ledge and nest ones) we’ll keep bringing it all here.


  2. It’s a wonderful image of Solo at breakfast with parents watching over her. I’m still smiling about her appearance…and I bet you are too.
    Solo’s antics in your films have won my heart. Thank you!

  3. BIG smile here too. Great that Solo made it back to the roof of the tower. It shows she is getting stronger and more confident. Enjoy the lessons, I know that is exciting to watch. (I read many enthusiastic reports from the tower in De Mortel (the Netherlands) in the past years.

  4. merci, pour la photo et ça fait chaud au coeur de savoir Solo en sécurité.Jai bien hâte à la nouvelle couvée des faucons de l’université de Montréal Spirit et Roger.Et c’est avec grand plaisir que je visite ce site pour admirer Swift, Beau, et Solo qui sont magnifiques… Anne (Québec Canada)

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