Success – the falcon has landed!

After a couple of days of worry and concern for our new fledgling myself and friend, Lydia, took another desperate trip out to campus to go ‘in search of’ one more time this weekend. We waited until about 6pm when the early summer evening still had some light left in it. Almost immediately we spotted a bird in the pine trees below the tower. Swift was spotted sitting happily up on top of the tower but the bird perched on one of the branches just below the branch which Swift has been frequenting lately proved to be our Solo. We managed to sneak up close behind a well camouflaged, low hanging acacia branch and got to within about 25 metres (approx 80 feet). Close-up photos show it’s Solo !!

Young Solo in the trees... finally

Apologies for the bad quality pics – it’s what happens when at half light, with full zoom, including trashy digital zoom in some cases! Undoubtably it’s our Solo in the above pic. We have brief video clips of her calls and it’s quite different to both parents, as were recorded yesterday. More pics are over to the right in the “More Solo ….” gallery.

It’s a HUGE relief to know she’s OK and we can now tick that empty box we had left open.

Her antics also proved her identification; happy to walk up and down the branches, sometimes bouncing from one to another, testing the wind with her outstretched wings when a breeze picked up, the odd call to mum (who never left the tower for the 2 hours we quietly observed). As evening closed in we were even treated to a loose flying circuit of the trees as Solo attempted to gain height to get up to the more exposed “lunch branch” where Beau and Swift normally eat. We waited for Beau to return with dinner but no sign, in the meantime Lydie acting as a mosquito attractant! Both Swift and Solo uttered helpless calls for us, but in vain before settling in for the night.

We will all sleep better tonight knowing she’s back; we can but wonder where she’s been and where she’s been hiding …


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  1. Scott Cilla & friends I would like to tell you how so happy it is for me to wake up and find this great news. you all are just awesome for all the dedication and work you do. Please give each other a big pat on the shoulder.
    Again Thank you so much

  2. Just woke up and first thing I did was come here with hopes of good news! Woohooo!! She looks beautiful there amongst the trees!

    Thank you so much for your tireless efforts to locate her!

  3. Oh boy! What great news to “wake-up” to LOL
    Doing a happy dance here.
    You must be so relieved and happy that she finally showed herself.
    Now where could that little stinker have been hanging out all this time . . . . . ;-D
    Thanks for not giving up and keeping the search going, I admire your dedication and perseverance.

  4. Hi Cilla / Scott – just checked in with the website and tremendous news – never a dull moment it seems. I also noted mention of your network of observers around Orange – could be useful to foster for future observations as and when. How far do you think the juveniles are likely to venture after their parents push them on? perhaps Solo was in the long grass all the time esp since the adults were agitated. Could have been lying low while the ‘predator’ was around and in response to the adults alarm calls?

  5. Oh, Scott & Lydia, Cilla & team! What GREAT news, to hear that Solo has been located and is in such good form!!! How happy I am for Solo, Swift, Beau & all of you! Thank you again for your amazing dedication to all of your “charges” and your recovery project! I have no doubt that cheers will be riginging out from around the world, but especially from my little “Kinderchicklet” students here in Winnipeg, Canada!

  6. Let me join the chorus of voices to say what happy news to wake up to! Thank you Scott, Lydia, Cilla and the entire Falcon Team for your concern and perseverance. I like your description; “bouncing” between branches. Fly with fortune, little one!

  7. I’m joining in the ever growing chorus!!! Such wonderful news and most definitely made my day!!! Thanks to you Scout and all for keeping that watchful eye to the sky and finding our little cutie~and for not giving up the search!!!

    Fly strong and safely, Solo!!!

    I look forward to continued updates of the Adventures of Solo!!!

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