Routine is improving

Today our wayward Miss has been availing herself of the surrounding trees, and on and in the ‘Concrete Hilton’ itself, finally being a normal 49 day old peregrine fledgling. Mid-morning we watched her in the eyrie feeding on lunch which Beau brought up to her and then she spent a short time way up on top (best view in all of Orange, so they say; we’re not climbing up to find out though!). Lunchtime has seen her happy to perch on the dis-used microwave dish where she has a commanding view over the trees below and line-of-sight to the north-west where Beau seems to spend most of his hunting time.

Solo on the microwave dish

‘Could be wrong but she appears to be a lot less vocal than previous siblings. Last year, with all three chicks hanging around the trees there was a wild cacophony every time food arrived (or in the hope of food arriving). Solo seems quite happy to just wait and see what comes in. This will undoubtedly be keeping the nearby campus staff happier and more productive!

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