2 days and still no Solo

I spent an hour or so searching through the weeds (which are ear-high rather than waist-high) and no sign of Solo BUT both parents were back and scolding, which at least indicates that they think they have something to protect.  I was so distracted to day that I came back from a wildlife rescue meeting, went straight out to spray some blackberries with my dogs and then sat down near our stream for half an hour so as it was such a beautiful evening and completely forgot until I got home that I was supposed to be at the theatre/concert with a friend AND I had the tickets! A phone call to the theatre sorted the friend so she could get in and after a quick change I was only 20 minutes late and it was very good (lots of live classical guitar music).

Will try again tomorrow amidst other commitments.

3 thoughts

  1. Could she be stuck somewhere on a building? A chimney or ventilation shaft.
    This is very puzzling and makes us all worry. 😉
    I’m keeping fingers and talons crossed for a good outcome, hope she will turn up soon.

    1. Hi Ingrid,
      From the tower there are a couple of lower lying buildings which have had their roofs checked. There are also some fenced-off enclosures (airconditioning equipment etc) which have been double-checked as well. We’ve got all staff, security and interested persons on campus keeping an eye out, but so far no luck. If she was stuck somewhere it won’t be a good outcome but we’re not giving up yet! Thanks for your concern …..

  2. Thanks to you and your team for checking these areas in which an unexperienced fledgling can become trapped. My hope is with all of you for a successful outcome. I am in admiration that you haven’t given up.

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