We’re not giving up just yet

Between Cilla and myself we’re putting in the mileage but so far no sign that there’s a little’un still nearby. There are a number of possibilities, some good and some not so good, but until we can sight Solo we can’t tick that box just yet.

Both of us spent more time today searching the area with no luck, but new photos of both parents can be found in the General Gallery #7 photo gallery to the right. Neither adult is happy with our intrusions and there’s competition with another local native species, a kookaburra, occupying a tree-based nest nearby, which makes for interesting audio on the video clips!

New video clips are now available – here we have Swift making herself heard, comfy on her branch, and then Beau flew back to support her but they bickered between themselves as much as warned me!

We will continue to monitor the surrounding area in the hope that Solo re-appears ….

An idea of the undergrowth we're facing

3 thoughts

  1. Hi Scott and Cilla,

    Thank you for your dedication in your search for our precious Solo. It must be very exhausting for the whole team, along with your other life committments. We are all rooting for you… Hang in there!

  2. I second Kathy’s comments, thank you so much. We are all with you in spirit, believe me if I wasn’t on the other side of the world..I’d be out there helping you search.

    1. Thank you to everyone for your support. It’s actually helping a great deal in knowing we’ve got people such as yourselves out there waiting on good news and backing us up; gives us good incentive to keep going. We’re hoping that Solo has done a sort of ‘Forrest Gump’ thing, flown off, loved it and kept flying, but of course she’d still need to return to be fed. Both parents are protective of their thicket (in every sense) of trees so we can only guess that it’s because Solo is hiding in there somewhere.

      Cilla, myself and a couple of others will keep checking the grounds around campus until we can get some sort of indicator ….


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