In-flight training

Apologies for few photos available at the moment of our peregrines – we hear a lot up in the trees but any visuals are normally 100‘s of metres away, and about the same in altitude! Great to see all three fledglings have been identified.

The last few days have drawn many comments from campus staff about the racket going on up in the surrounding gum and pine trees as the youngsters are no doubt keeping mum and dad – Swift and Beau – in line for dinner. Various aeronautical expeditions are undertaken during daylight hours and on Friday we were treated to a display of flying lessons where an adult would head for the horizon, closely followed by a vigorously flapping youngster complaining and trying to keep up.

With bad hot, drought conditions in the local Orange region at the moment there will be slim food pickings during the day but no doubt most wildlife will surface as the heat dies down in the evenings. With any luck this summer’s recent large bush and grassfires won’t affect the hunting grounds too much; always a consideration when vast tracts of land are burnt out.

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