The learning game continues, and good news

(news post entry by Cilla Kinross)

I’ve been running around like mother hen as we have had a few dramas with our peregrine fledglings either getting behind, not getting enough food, sweltering in the heat wave, then getting ahead of themselves and taking off before the proper flying lessons were provided by Mum (Swift) and Dad (Beau).  One young (very naughty male) was recaptured near the new Dentistry Building on the ground after a ‘gliding’ mishap and popped back in the box and I was a bit worried about him as he took off again that afternoon (but could fly a bit, obviously, otherwise would be deaded).

The good news is that ALL THREE fledglings are alive and well (sitting in big old pines in the old fauna reserve between the Orange campus Dentistry Building and Chardonnay wing) and starting to fly properly, guided by the parents. I clearly saw each individual (Ronnie, Scottee and Rosie) sitting in their roosts.   You can tell them (with binoculars) from the adults as they have brownish spots right up to the chin, whereas the adults have white throats and thin grey stripes across their chests.

I don’t recommend going near them as it upsets them a lot (they really HATE people, I have to say; no gratitude at all for provision of nice nest box!), which distracts them from their proper business of learning to hunt,  and also you might get ‘bombed’; unlikely, but it  wouldn’t be nice (300 km an hour and very large strong feet!). Peregrine falcon banders who go to the actual nests have to wear hard hats for protection.

A big sigh of relief!

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