Thankyou to all our viewers

A big thanks must go out to everyone who has kept up with our peregrine falcon project over the many months and years. In this last 12 month period we’ve achieved over 7000 website hits from all corners of the earth. We’re very pleased with the coverage, both online as well as in the local news media … if only our falcon family knew of their own celebrity!

Another big 2009 thankyou goes out once more to our friends at 30 Squadron RAAF who have provided so much support for this project. A new web page is to be dedicated on this website very shortly about the Squadron and its wonderful members.

If you have any suggestions for us, in terms of website content, or better ways of doing things (inside of the current WordPress system) please use the “Contact Us” form down to the right. Most happy to hear from you!

A very Merry Christmas to you all for 2009 …


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