A change in marked territory

The last few days have seen the fledglings occupying the trees nearby while mum and dad patrol the area for any intrusions. We’ve made a couple of trips into the trees to see if we can count attendees and each time mum circles very low overhead causing quite a racket. As far as we can see everyone is accounted for, at different times and in different groups of trees.

A trip up the tower was made at the end of last week by two of us to clean out the roost and improve image quality successfully. It was an interim clean-out prior to the replacement of the roost very soon. At one point dad tried flying in but instead he circled a couple of times before finally alighting on the ledge (see pic. below); it appears he was either confused that the roost was empty or he was wary of us. On average the occupancy of the roost during daylight hours appears to be very low so we doubt there’ll be too much disturbance in the 25 minutes it will take to swap over from old to new.

Dad doing a clever balancing act on the outside
Dad doing a clever balancing act on the outside

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