The family has flown

We arrived this week at work to find all three youngsters have now taken their steps into the outside world, and none too soon as the female chick was on Day 43, overdue to fly. The weekend was unbearably hot and she was seen to be suffering again in the corner of the roost, but with her departure comes plenty more hope.

Latest reports of the family of five indicate dad has been a regular visitor with offerings of galahs and crested pigeions while the youngsters spend time in the branches of the gum and pine trees below the tower. The second male was yet again found on the ground on Saturday but was coaxed away again and this time flew up in a wide arc into the trees, hence safe from terrestrial marauders.  Mum has been spotted again in the same trees and has taken over her territory from humans, becoming annoyed with any intrusions.

This morning the first male was seen on top of the tower trying to eat breakfast before losing balance and part-sliding down before opting for flight as a preferred solution. Phase two for the three fledglings now but hopefully we’ll get to see plenty more of them as they learn to hunt and spread their wings.

For now the cameras are quiet … and the rain has finally started this afternoon …

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