No banding to take place

We found out on Monday that our external raptor experts won’t be able to make it to campus this season to help band our feathery family so we will now wait until next season. A new discussion from within has been that we undergo our own training to legally allow us to band and handle raptors in the future. We may have missed the “window” now as the chicks have well-developing wing and tail feathers. More attempts at handheld video will be undertaken this afternoon.

The replacement IP camera and power supply have arrived and first tests show excellent video quality with improved recording capabilities. Attempts to “cross over” the old failing camera to this new model will happen today. We’re also looking at possibly re-jigging our back-end recording technology away from recent plans to further improve compatibility with university systems, so the proverbial “drawings on the napkins” are feverishly underway for re-design.

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