We have new vision

Apologies for the delay since the last post; we’ve been having some technical fun getting our new video camera running but I can report we have succeeded. The new pictures and video will appear quite different, in terms of colour etc, but the current battle is going to be to fit the three enormous chicks into the frame. Toughest of all they seem to enjoy sleeping and resting against the end walls where our cameras are fitted so quite often we can only see white fluff blowing in the breeze!

The new camera lens width is bigger than the current viewing windows so there’s a compromise with actual clear view but with the new roost sitting there all set to be installed when these three birds decide to fly off in the next 10 days or so we shouldn’t be too far away from providing a whole new peregrine world of vision shortly.

First new camera view
First new camera view; monsters on the prowl

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