Peregrines turning into sardines

Day 20 for the two eldest chicks (Day 18 for the younger) and with wings beginning to form and stretch there’s little spare room in the old roost for our former furry blobs. At nearly dad’s height already (approx 300mm, or 12 inches) the available space to make one’s mark is limited but all three blobs appear to be very fit and healthy, no doubt helped by a pair of excellent hunting parents and a bountiful Spring dinner menu.

A roost entry was made this morning to clean the viewing and camera windows again but this time our avian teenagers kicked up a little fuss during the very careful intrusion, and before confirming the parents weren’t actually in there as well the calls were identified as young but maturing falcons. But as soon as dad arrived with a late breakfast the cries reverted back to pleading, hungry and helpless chicks again!

Latest videos can be viewed here … and here …; sorry about the quality but the art of peregrine roost window-cleaning is yet to be perfected without complaints from the tenants!… (with apologies to all sardines out there too!)

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