Message from the window cleaner!

Finally a lucky break with peregrine mum heading away for a lengthy period mid-afternoon and a chance to get in to the roost and clean both windows. The not-so-little chicks were intrigued with the monster dressed in white mask and blue gloves but soon forgot when dad arrived with a late lunch. They’re all eating furiously and now stand approx 17-18cm (7 inches). Pretty good photos were snapped using a handheld digital SLR along with great lengthy video with sound, and the resulting two videos can be viewed here (audio) and here ….

Waiting for lunch


Note: for anyone wanting to view the collection of videos that we’ve made available online over the course of this 2.5 year project (so far) you can go to and search on “peregrine falcon Orange”; this will provide all our videos (and some bogus ones that have somehow made the same list!).

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