Better weather, bigger chicks

Day 8 for the 2 older chicks (Day 6 for the younger) and the furry blobs are eating well, resting up and growing very quickly. Mum is doing her best to keep the food supply moving while providing good protection and warmth, even on these slightly warmer days. We can tell they’re eating well because both viewing windows are now well covered in poo and so current pictures and video are rather low quality. An attempt was made this evening up the tower for a long period of time to catch mum away on one of her brief flights to be able to enter the roost and quickly clean the windows but she stayed put so we will wait for another moment soon. One of the best features of our new roost, ready to be installed given the best moment, has been to move the viewing windows much further away from the “poo line” and in doing so also provides a wider angle view.

The weekend saw the project hit the newspapers and you can see a copy of the Central Western Daily article here …

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