Big day for the peregrine family

We were visited today by Mr Robert Bicknell from our friends at 30th Squadron to see for himself what all the fuss is about and to take some photos away with him.  Fortunately we’d been up the tower to kick start the camera just beforehand and the gods were smiling because the camera stayed up all afternoon giving us some superb vision of the feathered family. During Robert’s visit we also received news crews from (click on links..) Prime TV and WIN TV again to interview us for the news tonight and to see our three new arrivals. We were also visited by the Central Western Daily newspaper team so our chicks are now real local celebrities! Thank you to all news and newspaper crews for their help in publicising our project again; the world needs a “feel-good” report occasionally!

Feeding footage from today can be found here … (5mins – long clip!)

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