Postponement to upgrades decided

With mum presumably close to laying, and the new roost (stage 1) up the tower (stage 2), rebuilt and ready for stage 3 (swap/install roost) we’ve elected to postpone the roost swap itself until after this breeding season. Mum is very sensitive to non-ambient noise and movement and her time on the ledge is now quite variable, with no real pattern anymore. All physiological indicators point to her settling soon. On Friday afternoon she was observed sitting down in the nest for a period of time (i.e. at least 10 mins, once we noticed) before moving off once more. For now we will retain the current cameras but are finally progressing with camera and recording system selection. Talks are also progressing for providing live streamed web page videos. With the postponement of stage 3 we can now correctly fit the new equipment whilst on the floor prior to installing the roost. Once mounted there are difficulties in being able to safely access the roost for any re-fittings.

More video of mum in the roost can be found here … . Dad has been observed bringing her food to the roost, with plenty of calling and horizontal head-bowing.

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