The new season begins

After 4 days without our unreliable nest camera again a trip was made up to restart it and found mum on the nest. On a filthy weather day with wind, rain and sleet mum has perched herself comfortably on the nest, and was observed for at least an hour, well settled and prepared for the long haul. In that initial hour she never moved from her position – the best view in Orange – so we are yet to sight any eggs, but with wings outstretched and settled low to the ground we can be almost certain she’s “with egg”. When we can sight the evidence we will be able to calculate backwards the date of the first laying.

And true to form after the descent back to the office to check on activity on the newly restarted nest camera mum had already moved, changed position and resettled! Video recording has recommenced and daily posts will be added to keep everyone up to speed with what we’re looking at this season in terms of brood, along with the health and well-being of both parents.

Our next exciting stage has begun…

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