An aerial display

Very late in the afternoon yesterday we were treated to a family display of acrobatics and an appearance at the tower ledge of a little white face, peering out into the world around. While dad was perched up on the tower mum was doing circular flights through the treesĀ  and then back on to either the ledge or the tower itself. Dad would take alternate turns in flying circles. The initial thought was that they had been disturbed inside the tower again but there was little verbal argument so less likely the reason.

In all of this our (not so) little Migii could be seen from way down on the road to be following flight proceedings with interest. Although of great size now Migii is sensibly still not confident in hopping up on to the ledge. Still too unsteady on those huge talons, but in the next fortnight we’d expect that to change and then we’ll hold our breath in the hope that Migii stays up there, just for now!