Boredom setting in?

Migii has begun to hang on both mum and dad’s coat-tails when they’re home. They’re beginning to spend far more time on the ledge now, maintaining a vigil, and Migii seems to miss them although that’s no doubt a learning event. Plenty of time with the head on the ledge longing for more space and crying for more food! Mum has been seen to spend a lot longer away from the nest, with either dad as babysitter for the duration or Migii by itself.

Another attempt was made to re-set the nest camera after a power glitch and further video was collected but of low quality. If anyone’s interested I can post them but will continue to obtain web camera, as well as hand-held camera footage over the next few weeks.

Migii now stands approx 25-27cm and if there’s continued growth the guesses will tend more towards being a female. Many trailing wing feathers have appeared as well as most tail feathers.

Migii and the artwork
Migii and the artwork

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