INFRARED LIGHT ATTRACTING MOSQUITOES?Just letting you know that I have turned off the infrared light on box cam at least for tonight.

The research shows infrared attracts mosquitoes and they can bite birds of prey and potentially spread disease (unlikely here, however).

The birds have looked uncomfortable for the last two nights. Of course the birds themselves emit infra red and that’s possibly enough to attract mosquitoes. But normally there is a breeze in the trees, which would reduce the problem, but not up here. This year is proving to be a massive year for mosquitoes, even in normally dry forests.

We had an issue with this just for a couple of nights last year , but it has not been a problem in previous years, so it’s possible that it is just the box cam (no dome) that is the problem. So I’ve left nest and ledge cam on, but to be honest, I don’t know whether they are still functional.

So there may be NO night vision tonight at least. My apologies, but based on the precautionary principle, I want to give the birds a rest. I’ll have another think about this and decide about the other nights tomorrow.