Preliminary analysis of nest box usage 2012-2018 + 2020-21. Comments welcome.

When I was collecting data of box usage by each peregrine, I separated each activity (measured in minutes) into whether it occurred on the ledge, within the nest itself or elsewhere in the box. I then combined many of the activities so I could compare how they used WHICH PART of the box.

This shows the use of the ledge by the male v female (for sitting, lying, eating, sleeping) by time of day. You should note that almost ALL the time was spent just standing about, very little in any activity.

1 = midnight to 0100 h etc.

Full credit goes to Gang [John] Xie who did all the coding for the analsis in R.

This is just preliminary analysis and may not be used in a publication. It is NOT for distribution! Once I’ve scrutinised the results, I will combine the activities on the box and on the ledge analyse the activities (incubation, eating etc. ) as an item.

This shows male v female use of the nest area for site preparation, incubation and brooding combined. I will analyse these activities separately later.

And lastly, this is the use of the box itself, but not in the nest. Clearly the male spends very little time just loafing in the box. Sorry about lack of colour; I decided to switch to grey as more useful for publication if we get there.