Nest cam has moved

The nest cam has moved. This is similar to the box cam, but is more close-up. In fact the old site belonging to Scott Banks is still there but there is no more livestream.

I would encourage you to resubscribe at the following url:

When you click on this it says ‘video unavailable’. Ignore that and click on the link to see it on Youtube. Please resubscribe. We need 50 subscribers to enable us to amalgamate all the different cams. Eventually, the website will be able to act as a portal for all four cams, but we have to take it one step at a time.

There is no chat on this site. But the two on box cam and tower cam will keep operating as normal.

Nest cam image from 25-10-2018 Xavier trying to steal chicks’ (Gaama and Budhin) prey