Snowy spring

This is a test run to see if the website is operational.  Huge relief to have it going again, especially with young ones imminent – hatching due from the beginning of October, but more likely from 2nd or 3rd.

Here is a video of Diamond arriving in a snowstorm (which was actually a bit of a non-event as the snow barely settled, but would have made hunting a bit interesting).

It would seem that I still cannot load stills, which is a shame, but hopefully that will be fixed before fledging.

Very little prey has been coming in recently, only one every second day or so, but that will change once there are mouths to feed.

One odd thing has been happening.  We appear to have a visitor..I’m not sure, but I think a large male.  He has arrived on the ledge and stayed for a while without trying to persuade Diamond off the eggs (as Xavier would).  Diamond didn’t try and chase them away but made a strange keening call, which I’ve heard before when strangers are around.

Your comments are welcome!  Cilla



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  1. Its now 1 Nov and the floor of the box is covered in feathers – and I’m looking at the pristine gravel in the box on your video, Cilla, and thinking what a difference a chick makes 😉

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