Fledgelings a week out

As we know both siblings fledged really well and were found together on the familiar roost tree earlier this week.   A colleague (Chitra Shanker, a visiting academic, with a very serious camera) and I have been having fun watching flying lessons around the tower and the roost trees.

Here is her picture of one of the adults flying, well beyond my photography skills:

Adult in flight

One of the juveniles (we think probably Pluto, based on size) has come back to the box and has been resting during the day. Here he is with Mum, Diamond.

Diamond and juvenile, probably Pluto

And the next day he came back.

this video shows Diamond leaving when he approaches and some ducking when an adult swoops from the top of the tower.


Here is one of the juveniles (probably Pluto) on the tower roof.  Note heart-shaped spots.



Juvenile in dead tree, probably Gaia. But also has heart-shaped spots! Photo by Chitra Shanker.

Have a lovely weekend.  Let’s hope some of that forecast rain evenutates.

And to avoid confusion, birds at this stage can be called eyasses, which simply means pre-adult birds, OR fledgelings, which means recently taken their first flight, OR juveniles as they have juvenile plumage.  There is no ‘fledgeling’ plumage, so it’s a stage rather than a look, if you see what I mean!

There are other definitions in use eg eyas often means unfledged, but is widely used for all young peregrines in the literature.  I’m sure falconers have their terminology as well, but their plumage can be affected by their diet in captivity!






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  1. Hi,
    Thank you for all the great updates since they fledged. It’s great to be able to follow them through your pictures and descriptions even though they’re mostly out of sight now.

    Just wanted to note that there was a fun interaction from the ledge cam at 11/23, 8:46:43 where one of the juvies came hurtling into the nest and the parent didn’t fly off but tried to duck out of the way. Some talons were out and there may have been a chest bump before the parent flew off in a hurry. 🙂

  2. Thanks so much for keeping watch on the whereabouts of the youngsters, post-fledge. Thanks also for the clarification regarding terminology. Can I ask for one more clarification: the distinction between juveniles and immature birds? Are they separate phases? or is there an overlap? Many thanks in advance.

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