It’s time for names, plus some media


It’s getting to that time of the season.  And, although it is not possible to really tell them apart at this stage (if ever, if they are same gender), it’s a tradition to give them names.  It was decided to call them after our planets.    The two most popular names will be used.  You have until next Monday to vote.

Here are the planet names:

Mercury, Venus, Earth/Gaia, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune and I think we can allow Pluto, too as a minor planet.

1 Mercury = god of commerce, travel and thievery (Roman)

2 Venus = Roman goddess of love and beauty

3 Earth (or Gaia) = old English/Germanic

4 Jupiter = King of the Gods (Roman)

5 Mars = Roman god of war

6 Saturn = Roman god of agriculture

7 Uranus = ancient Roman deity of the Heavens

8 Neptune = Roman god of the sea

9 Pluto (furthest from the sun) = Roman god of the underworld.

Use the comments section below for your vote.   I don’t think it matters what name ends up with what gender (and we can always swap later if necessary!).

The Central Western Daily (our local paper) has written an article on our babies.   Click here if you are interested in reading this

And Xavier has been a very good father, not just providing food, but also taking over feeding duties to let Diamond have a good fly.   He did this twice this afternoon

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  1. Gaia and Pluto (I felt sorry for Pluto when it was demoted, and think it deserves reinstatement 😉 The Head of NASA agrees with me. Vote for Pluto!!!)

  2. Pluto and Venus.

    Venus because they are such beautiful birds and Pluto for various reasons, one of which is that their father is something of a comic like the Disney dog.

  3. Two voters from the FB group who can’t access the website.
    McKat: Gaia and Jupiter
    Trudi K: Venus and Neptune

  4. Gaia and Mercury please 🙂
    I think they are fairly gender neutral but also very dynamic names, which we all know peregrines are!

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