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Above is the link to Dr. Zubair’s talk which has some fascinating pictures in it.   Dr Zubair, who is from Kerala in India,  has studied peregrine falcons both in the wild and in captivity and there were some interesting points that came out of this talk.  In particular, the fact that in some Arab countries, such as the United Arab Emirates, the culture of falconry is so strong that there are vet hospitals SOLELY for falcons.  Huge amounts of money are spent on them.   I found this photo on line, which I’m sharing with you.  It shows a plane hired especially for 80 falcons belonging to a (presumably very rich) shiek.

Falcons in specially chartered plane


Although some falcons taken from the wild still, his last slide shows how many are released.  And falcons are also bred specifically for falconry in many countries, including Spain and Germany, where Dr. Zubair has also studied.  In his country India, as in Australia, of course, falconry is prohibited.  Peregrines are only found in northern  India and the birds are protected.

And I should add that Xavier was VERY well behaved on the walk we did before Dr Zubair’s talk, perching and flying to and from the water tower during our tower.

Xavier on the roof on Monday.

While he was here, apart from discussing possible avenues of collaboration for research, I took Dr. Zubair to the Orange Botanic Gardens and to our own property as he was hoping to see some kangaroos (which we not only saw, but also a swamp wallaby, a special treat).

Dr Zubair in Orange Botanic Gardens
Dr Zubair looking at the little wetlands on our property

Hatching soon!  Keep watching.  Cilla

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  1. Thanks for the Dr Zubair’s document and pics, Cilla, and for the Xavier’s pics.

    As for Melbourne peregrines, it’s really pity this nest has not been cleaned, the chicks hatch in rubbish…Best way to have parasites, bacterias and diseases.

  2. Thanks Cilla for sharing this presentation. I was shocked though by a few photos: are they really sewing the eyelids together? That’s horrible! And a plane full of captured falcons!

    Love the pictures of Xavier, he’s so handsome!

  3. I actually asked about the sewing of the eyelids. I said why don’t they simply put hoods over their heads. His response was that they wouldn’t tolerate the hoods….and it’s only for a few days, then they can take the hoods, but you are right, it’s extremely cruel.

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