Unexpected visits

This morning, first Diamond, then Xavier got a surprise visit from a starling, then a kestrel respectively, both probably looking for nest-sites.

Here is the starling, who back-pedalled very quickly once it saw Diamond on her eggs.


And then, after Xavier came back with prey and took over incubation duties, here is a kestrel (slow speed) who interrupts Xavier’s doze – and his reaction.

Kestrels are very common in this area and have visited the nest box on occasion, hoping perhaps that it has been vacated.   They are related to the northern hemisphere kestrels, but a different species.   One often sees them around here on telegraph posts or hovering for small animal prey in the fields.  They are sometimes called nankeen kestrels for the pinkish brown colour.

3 thoughts

  1. Dear Xavier! There was no way he was getting off the eggies – kestrel or no kestrel – what a good protective boy he is.

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