YouTube feeds, and access to update the CSU pages

The recent YouTube glitches have caused some headaches but both of our feeds are still streaming, albeit on different URLs. Each time a YouTube live feed stops the re-start changes its URL, which isn’t great for our camera pages as both feeds have now re-set! Due to my CSU account being closed temporarily (temp contract renewals etc) I haven’t had access into the CSU camera pages to change the live URLs posted therein. Once access has been regained I’ll head in and update both camera pages to the following:

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With a few brief thunderstorms this week, and corresponding brief rain moments, the place is looking a little greener, although we’re bound to be heading back into extreme temperatures again soon. Not great hunting weather for the peregrines, which has to change hours to dusk and dawn when it’s not so hot and birdlife is out having fun.

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  1. Thanks Scott – amazing how fiddly everything is, and yet you keep it trundling along smoothly – thank you. YouTube is chock-full of little intricacies that I wasn’t aware of.

    1. Hi Sue & Gerlene et al,
      I was thinking the other day about the various processes we follow (& have to follow) to reach the endpoints of live camera feeds and a website. A lot of what’s involved is of our own doing (for good and bad!!), but we’re also slaves to other main systems and processes. For example, we can only beam out live video streams if CSU’s network is running smoothly and if YouTube is doing the same. In that regard, we have to remain “reactive” to external processes that we rely on. Sort of like spot fire-fighting. Campus power outages can change things quickly, or YouTube’s own live feed issues back in Nov/Dec. We can but hope that if something goes wrong we’re there at the time and can do something about it.
      There are still big issues with our internal surveillance system, as Cilla can tell you! It’s a combination of CSU network permissions, security levels, our own access levels etc, and has proven to be a major headache which is over 12 months old now. If we could exactly pinpoint the issue it would be an easy fix. The server is running and seeing the cameras but our client apps that connect to it don’t work; an ongoing issue. Luckily our software suppliers (CCTV Hire and Milestone Systems) have generously provided us with a user licence until 2021; it would be nice to have it running again before then!!
      Thanks for sticking with us – everything will be 100% again soon!!

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