A Happy New Year to all!… and a fix…

A Happy New Year to all our viewers and supporters. Thanks for your awesome support across 2018. The peregrine family appreciate you all and if they could write letters everyone would receive one in the post (ironically via carrier pigeon, if they get through!).

It’s been an incident-filled year, with some highlights and some glitches (as always). The peregrines themselves have participated in some great vision and sound for us, but our hardware has proved to be an issue, with the internal surveillance server software still a problem (appears to be a permissions thing inside the CSU network; hard to fix/hack).

The two live feeds piped out from the eyrie via YouTube have been a real highlight, with some great software from CamStreamer being used to solve a number of problems, and upgrade our output. Long may this technology work!! We have some big upgrades planned for FalconCam Project in 2019, but we won’t be losing any of our archive data or photos.

However, YouTube themselves had an eventful December and ruined quite a few live feeds across the world. Our two feeds stuttered for a while. Fortunately, the ledge camera feed is fine but the nest camera feed will need to be reset, once I can get into the CSU office to modify the CSU webpage links. For now, you can access the nest camera feed below. When YouTube stops and starts feeds it changes the URL for some unexplained reason?? Once access is gained to the CSU camera pages I’ll add this link into the nest cam page as well:

FalconCam Project – nest camera feed

Best wishes to everyone and thanks so much for your amazing support (and analytics results!) in 2018. Stay safe, happy and healthy across the New Year changeover and looking forward to hearing from you all in 2019.

Season 1 - Migii
Season 1 – our very first – Migii

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  1. Thanks Scott for this information and also for everything you did in the past year. I did however expect a carrier pigeon, but I guess it was intercepted by some nasty raptor 😉
    I wish you a happy and healthy new year 2019!

  2. Thanks heaps for the update, Scott. Here’s to another fabulous year in the Concrete Hilton. May the feeds be flawless and the streams strong. Wheeeeeee!

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