Four weeks old and getting cheeky

The youngsters are starting to become more demanding – not just begging for food, but pecking at the parents when food is not immediately forthcoming – and even stealing the prey as seen here (taken just now).


VIDEOS  20181025 1159 stolen lunch ledge X

20181025 1159 stolen lunch nest – better look and tug of war

20181025 1159 stolen lunch X nest all 4  \

One can also clearly see the juvenile feathers pushing through the baby fluff.   Another week and they will be unrecognisable.

I’ve noticed that the juvenile starlings are out and about, so prey shuld be fairly easy to come by at the moment (providing you don’t turn your nose up at starling as Diamond does!).

Forecast for clear and sunny weather until next week.  We were supposed to get a good dump of rain on Sunday, but sadly, the forecasters have changed their minds.

Cheers  Cilla


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