And then there were two

All going according to plan, the second arrived just after midnight last night.   Here is Diamond leaving her eggs when Xavier brings in some prey (probably well chewed over pigeon) and takes over incubating.

With any luck number three will arrive tomorrow – and you never know, we could have a fourth, although it hasn’t happened at this site before.

Diamond being relieved of incubation duties for some munchies

4 thoughts

  1. Cilla, I think the eggs arrived after midday local time on 22nd, not midnight. It was night-time in Birdiecam’s part of the world, but early arv here. The eggs were the first thing I saw when I got home from work after 5pm yesterday (there had been just one when I left earlier in the day).

  2. Sue I can’t be certain by I tend to agree with you. I started watching around 10.30 and I was certain the 2nd egg was on its way. I actually took some screen shots as I thought this was what was happening. I’ve never watched this behaviour before but she seemed very unsettled, straining and really fluffy around the back end. When I came back to check later the second egg was there. As i said I’m not experienced in this and I may be wrong.

  3. So exciting. Also that Diamond has laid the eggs in full view of the nest camera so that hatchlings will be on camera.

  4. Touch wood all females have lain their eggs in the same spot, perhaps a bit more sheltered. We had a few problems one year when the chicks hatched and almost immediately got shifted to the other side, but fingers crossed for good views this year.

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