First egg for Diamond

The first egg arrived at 0207 on Monday morning.   I’m afraid I missed the actual event.  But it was filmed by BirdieCam in the Northern Hemisphere (Holland?) and her youtube channel can be found here:

but here is an early glimpse.

Egg number 1 – quite early

And in colour


I expect egg number two tonight.  And hopefully at least a third in a day or two.  The female will only sporadically incubate until all her eggs are lain, so they are in ‘sync’, so don’t worry if she seems to leave them.  She won’t be far away!

I noticed that Xavier came in with a tiny prey yesterday (thanks to an observant peregrine watcher!) and I’m 99 % sure it was a superb fairy wren – barely a beakful and a first in my books!

And I’ve just received a lovely photo from Bec Williams of Mum and egg

Bec Williams’ photo of Diamond and egg #1

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  1. Yay I was lucky enough to catch this happening today, From around 10.30am this morning she looked as though she was getting ready.
    Thanks Cilla for including my photo xx

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