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Well, this is just to say that I have finally had my access restored to the website today, so have been able to start a new thread.   The chat on the Youtube works well, but of course there is no record, it just disappears after a few hours, so you have to be there practically all the time, which isn’t possible.

The Milestone recording software is still not working, however, I can make some videos with the screen recording device.   That works well, except I can’t do it 100% of the time (that means camping at the uni!), so of course will often miss important milestones until it’s operational again.  The Youtube stores images for four hours only.

Anyway, this is a good start and from next week, I’ll start my weekly updates, usually on Fridays, becoming more frequent as the breeding season progresses.

Our couple, Diamond and Xavier, are busy courting and he has even brought food into the box (just once, and he didn’t actually give it to Diamond but, cheekily, flew off with it, as is his wont!  But it all augus well for a good season.

I’ve recently received a generous grant, so am hoping to start the analysis of the prey remains from the last six years.  I’m no longer collecting behaviural data on a regular basis (that needs the proper recording software), but could add to the prey data this season and gather general breeding information.

Many thanks for your patience and fingers crossed I don’t get ‘barred’ again!

Cilla Kinross



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  1. It’s fabulous to see you on here again, Cilla! And just in time for the lead-up to breeding season. Yay!

  2. The website has been so quiet for so long, that it will take some time to get it ‘lively’ again, but will probably start moving once eggs appear, late August

  3. Hi Cilla – I know you have a busy weekend, so wasn’t sure whether you’d catch up on YouTube – but as we’re leading up to breeding season and the courtship behaviour is on the increase, I thought you might like to know that on Saturday morning 7.42, Xavier brought prey to the box. He stood on the ledge with it (waiting for Diamond to come and admire his “gift”?), and when the ingrate didn’t show up, he took it away again at 7.49am.

  4. Xavier’s up to his tricks again. This morning (Sunday) at around 7.40-something he arrived with prey AND with Diamond right behind him, then leapt right back out, prey in hand. All over in a second or two. Diamond, unimpressed, chupped and chirped for a brief time and then realised he was not returning with the goodies. I took some screen shots – but nothing clear enough to capture much prey detail. Again – fairly small prey, and while I couldn’t see it clearly (it all happened very quickly) it looked as if it might’ve been grey and white or black and white, and still had its head, unlike yesterday’s poor unfortunate. Can send you my screen shots if you want to try and make sense of the blur.

  5. Yes, please send to my email. This morning (Monday) he came in about 8 am with prey (smallish) and waited in vain before flying off after a good 10-15 minutes. I recorded this, but haven’t had time to do anything with them yet.

    And this goes for anyone else watching – please send images (stills are fine) of prey items as our recording system is still not operational, and I cannot be recording 24/7.

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