Night arrival

A video of Diamond arriving very late at night – after all pm.   It is interesting how well they fly at night – I have no evidence of our peregrines actually hunting at night, although it is not unheard of overseas.

It’s also a cautionary tale as one cannot assume that if the box is empty at 10 pm, it will be empty all night!  I’ve recording comings and goings at all hours of the night…

Clearly I have been forgiven for cleaning out the box and giving Diamond a big scare (mutual, actually!).  Does anyone know how long it was before the pair came back to the box after the disturbance?

I weaned myself off 24 x 7 recording while I was in Hawaii and, from now on, will just record while I’m at work, using a screen recorder.  The Milestone software is proving intractable to restore after the fire.

I now have five full years of data, plus the first breeding season, so I think that is enough for a publication or two.

And, oh yes, the water birds and seabirds of Hawaii were amazing and the snorkelling fabulous and great to catch up with family, of course.



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  1. Hello Cilla. Welcome home. Sounds like you had a nice vacation.
    The first time I saw Diamond in the box after you cleaned was Feb.3 and Feb.5 for Xavier. I guess they were a little shy for a few days. Other viewers could have spotted them before I did. ?
    I’m glad that you are going to keep an eye on the Falcons whose territory is in the burned area.

  2. Chao posted a video that shows a date/time of 6.24am on 2 Feb – both birds! (well. one only fleetingly. but still…) It’s in the comments on Scott’s post about Ron Green’s retirement.

  3. Okay, I can make comments on my laptop, but don’t have admin access to make new threads or add videos. On my work computer, I have no access at all (again).

    All I wanted to say, anyway, was that all was well. there have been some lovely, long bowing sessions, so love is still in the air!

  4. It has gone very quiet, hasn’t it? I wonder if Cilla is still experiencing access problems?

    Diamond is peacefully asleep on the ledge as we speak. Not getting much time to watch her now that the UK osprey season is getting into full swing!

  5. Pleased to say I’ve seen both birds – Diamond left the ledge at about 7.25am, with Xavier arriving shortly afterwards. That’s your time, not my UK time.

  6. Cilla has emailed me with the following:

    ‘I no longer have access to the website, even from my laptop at home. Nor is the recording software working. I don’t know why, or whether both situations are permanent and I can’t raise Scott, but I am using the youtube chat line once or twice a day. I have had to terminate my research early as recording manually 24 hours a day was too much. I did this through December and January, so at least was able to keep going until the youngsters left so I have 6 breeding seasons (I hoped to have six full years).’

    I’ve got to say that manually recording events over 62 days is an impressive feat! Well done, Cilla.

  7. At this point I need to apologise to Cilla. I responded to her email with the following:

    ‘I’ll post this onto the website so people at least know what’s happening.’

    This morning, I found this in my inbox:

    ‘I’d rather you didn’t. It sounds as if I’m blaming Scott. I’d rather talk to him first (I’ve asked him to post something, already, but I assume he hasn’t done it). But I just can’t get hold of him. I wonder if he is in NZ (he goes there frequently)’

    I’ve got to reiterate how much I admire Cilla and Scott for all their efforts.

  8. What’s going to be happening for 2018? Any news? I hear sound on the nest cam. That’s exciting.

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