Father and son

Very little prey coming in to the box in the last few days, just a grey lump, grabbed by Bali, who left with it.      Here he is, on another occasion, giving Dad a hard time.

VIDEO  20171121 father and son ledge                                VIDEO 20171121 father and son nest


You are probably wondering where Marragaay is, and so am I.   I’m not that confident it was her in the box, despite the measurements.  I think the camera has moved slightly and all the birds seem bigger than before.    I spent an hour in the woods opposite today and I’m pretty sure the family was elsewhere as all was quiet.

Anyway, I’ll keep looking and will let you know as soon as I get a good sighting.   We do know she fledged okay and is off the ground.

One thought

  1. Oh dear, I do hope Marragaay is ok. Bali seems to have figured out that the water tower is a nice safe spot to sleep, although he’s missed a couple of nights – I wonder whether he’ll be happy to move out of the family home once he’s learned how to fend for himself…

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