Update days 4 and 5 since fledging

It’s all good news.     I checked the time of the sighting of Marragaay yesterday and the willie wagtail saga and Bali was safely tucked up in the box at that time, so that’s a relief ie it must be her.   I’ve been down to try and find her based on Scott’s description, and it seems she’s moved on (those pesky wagtails are enough to drive anyone to depart).   At least she’s obviously made her way back to the woodland from the front gate, so is heading in the right direction, and is off the ground.

Bali goes from strength to strength with repeated excursions from the box, but getting quite pampered and very cheeky.    He’s mantling regularly and doesn’t seem comfortable eating until the adult has left, but is happy still to be fed by mum when in the mood.

Here he is nagging Diamond for food and being fed until she leaves with her prey.

Does she look better upside down, Bali? VIDEO 20171117 ledge B nags Di

VIDEO 20171117 nest B amd Di

A severe thunderstorm warming for Orange is current, but I’ve just had a look at the radar website, and I think it’s going to miss us  (famous last words!).

Our choir is performing the Mozart’s Requiem with Orange Symphony Orchestra this weekend, so I have practices tonight and tomorrow, as well as the performance on Sunday afternoon (fingers crossed!), so may not get out here until Monday.   But I’m feeling quite relieved that both birds are on track.

Enjoy your weekend.

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  1. Well, I think Marragaay has visited the box yesterday afternoon (and possibly since, just going through the recordings). But it was Bali in the photos above. I missed a quick changover and didn’t notice the difference in size (not helped by the fact that they are still growing). He left at 1.34 pm and Marragaay arrived shortly afterwards. I’ve got some comparative photos I’ll put up shortly.

    Good for her.

    Raining quite hard today, so prey might be thin on the ground; easing off now.

  2. Marragaay’s flying must be getting much stronger – yay!

    Hope the choir practices are going well – all the best for the performance tomorrow!

  3. 9.20pm Sunday – is that Bali snoozing on the floor near the ledge? He really does like to use the box as a home base, doesn’t he?

  4. Yes, I think it is him. I haven’t seen Marragaay again, but I’ve been super busy over weekend. Will try and catch up with her this week!

    Bali has been in and out, but there has no food brought into the box since Friday, so the action seems to be moving away from the box – at least for the juveniles. The parents have started courtship behaviour again, which is interesting.

    We KILLED Mozart! Almost literally, as he dies half way through the composition!. Everyone was in tears at the end (well, it is a requiem). And it was a sellout.

  5. Monday 8.40pm, and Bali’s back, sprawled on the floor like a teen in front of the telly, ha ha.

    Glad the performance was such a success 🙂 Must’ve been a wonderful feeling!

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