Chicks being fed at 4 weeks

Hard to believe – only two-three weeks to go and then they will be off.

Here are some shots of our two youngsters, Marragaay and Bali, 30 and 28 days old respectively, being fed by Diamond after a prey drop by the father (Xavier) (the first is a pigeon; second probably a starling).

Pigeon breakfast

VIDEO   20171031 chicks fed at 4 weeks)


And a bit later this morning.  It’s bit hard to be definite because of the distortion with the close range camera, but I’m pretty sure Bali goes first for this feed.

Bali goes first

VIDEO   20171031 Bali goes first…short

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  1. Thank you for repeating the info about the woodland, Cilla, and I’m glad that the traffic is in a good cause rather than sinister 😉
    Here’s a juddery video of Bali trying to get some of Marragaay’s ‘find’ – they were both obviously very hungry, the lean spell ended a bit after 19:00hr.

    2m23s VIDEO =

  2. I’ve been thru the day so far on the ledge cam – no sign of any food, but of course there will have been feeds, and I’ve seen a morsel on the nest cam.

    This was a surprise morsel! Bali cast a pellet, Marragaay had to check if there was any more where that came from 😉

    22s VIDEO =

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