I don’t quite know what this behaviour means, not speaking peregrine, but often when there has been no prey drop for a while, there is some interaction between the adult, particularly the female and the chicks, sort of ‘pretend feeding’ perhaps.  Here is a short example.

VIDEO 20171026 interaction Di chicks

I’ve put some longer videos for Scott to turn into youtubes, but I’m off to conference/AGM in Sydney (Nature Conservation Council, of which I’m the NSW West representative).

Other items to note.  Xavier brought in a live starling this morning (poor thing was not having a good time).  Diamond is still hoeing into the rosella population, mostly plucked.

Both chicks are getting fed, despite the size difference, although Bali nearly always feeds second.   Here one of the chicks is unwilling to give prey back.

VIDEO  20171025 Give it back!


AND  Some other interesting behaviour, when Diamond appeared to ‘rouse’ the chicks from their slumber, but for no apparent reason – no prey was available, but it was morning.  Video too long, but I’ve sent it to Scott.

Wake up, sleepheads!

I’ll be able to check for comments over the weekend and can start new thread if necessary, but cannot access images or recording software.


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  1. I didn’t put up a video of live starling…bit too much of a snuff movie!

    Cams working well for me, too. I was able to show the Nature Conservation Council live feed of prey being brought in today….quite a distraction from campaign planning!

    Get to hear Mike Nick, jazz pianist trio tonight; one of the perks of a trip to Sydney.

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