Rainy day, late feed

We had a good (and much-needed) downpour last night, which gradually petered out during the day and the sky was almost pink again by the time I got to work this evening.

The consequence of this was a rather hungry morning, with no prey being brought in until nearly noon, when a very wet Diamond arrived with a welcome pigeon – introduced species based on the white feathers and pink legs and huge size.

A welcome pigeon for lunch

During the afternoon, more pigeons were brought in (or was it the same pigeon several times – I can’t be sure!).  At one time, Xavier brought in what I swear must have been Diamond’s pigeon (or what remained of it).  I don’t Xavier caught anything all day….. Eventually both chicks became extremely full and couldn’t cram any more in, so the parents got a feed as well.

Chicks are getting some juvenile plumage coming through and are a little more independent, although still sprawl together when sleeping.   And Marragaay has started feeding him/her self from the scraps in the box.  I always think of this as a bit of a milestone and start recording all times when they feed themselves, as opposed to just being fed.

The forecast promises to be fine for our landcare event this weekend, so I’ll probably not check in again until Monday.    Have a lovely weekend.

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  1. Haha, Deborah – that’s a good summary of all I got for practically the whole day on the nest cam.


    “No activity nest cam till 1637hr, then both chicks perform”

    Marragaay played with a feather and Bali had a little walkabout.

    2m17s VIDEO = https://youtu.be/2WvpIpWA2NY

  2. “Tea-time, little Bali made an effort but hardly got fed”

    S/he seemed to droop into the corner at one stage but I couldn’t get a clear shot of it.

    45s SLIDE-SHOW = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zth9TY8fUAE

    (The nest cam is SO freezy that I can’t do a video of the feed, the feather episode took ages to cut the freezes out.)

  3. I did come in for a couple of hours yesterday, but didn’t catch up because what prey that did come in were so difficult to identify. One was clearly a parrot, probably eastern rosella, but the other was …who knows, smallish, appeared to be black with white front, but some blue feathers and white wing patches….very odd. Magpie lark? Not webbed feet. Can put up pictures tomorrow if anyone wants to have a go.

    Big day for me as we have our landcare open day, guided walk, teas, garage and plant sale at home, with a bit of media interest but not many bookings. But people were turning up yesterday while we were getting prepared, so hopefully a bit of interest: aim to raise $500. Fingers crossed.

  4. Yes I noticed that too and that’s the time the chicks stop just being blobs to me and start becoming birds interesting
    enough to start recording their behaviour as opposed to just their parents.

    I was going to come in last night, but drove all the way out the uni before realising I had the wrong keys and by the time I got home again, the motivation had gone and the fatigue set in!

  5. I’ve been unable to cope with the mini-freezes, so unable to produce any video so far.

    Here is a slide-show of scenes from today, but I got no prey-drops/deliveries on either cam.

    These snaps are 7 seconds each, to give you a chance to read the times if req’d.

    Good display of feather development from Marragaay 🙂

    3m23s SLIDESHOW = https://youtu.be/KD3kBc4lEUY

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