11 days old. Plus news from Melbourne.

Such gorgeous beasties!   Actually, this is  not their most endearing phase.   But they are both putting on weight and looking healthy.   Here they are with Diamond (well, her tail) just after a feed.

Well, that wasn’t bad for a snack!



VIDEO:   20171013 postfeed chat short

I’ve noticed that absences from the nest by adults have got longer.  We did have some rain, which might have meant longer hunting hours, although food still came in regularly.   Some starling and also some parrots.    The nights were starting to get warmer, although last night went down to 3 degrees, which is a bit chilly for the wee ones.

Have you found the website in Melbourne yet?  it’s called http://www.367collinsfalcons.com.au/ and features a pair of peregrines nesting right in the heart of the city.  Their chicks are a bit advanced on ours.    I’ll be looking into what type of research they are doing and seeing if there are opportunities for collaboration.

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  1. Working my way slowly through the last three days, a couple of things came to my notice. Xavier brought in what I’m pretty sure was a silvereye – a tiny green bird with white eye ring, which was quite visible. This was demolished in 4 minutes, whereas most feeds are lasting 10-20 minutes. So just a snack.

    Also Diamond was absent for two and a half hours late on 10th October and came back, triumphantly (?) with a rosella. Supports my theory that she doesn’t really like starlings!

    And, during this absence, Xavier roughly plucked and fed a starling to the youngsters in a start-stop procedure, rather than full preparation prior to commencement.

  2. Hi Cilla,

    Those are great names!

    I actually found the Melbourne one when I was looking for the QLD one to show my father in law but it wasn’t working at the time so I thought like the Brisbane one it was “gone”.

    But looking at it I notice sometimes they have a wider view and you can see the ledge off to the left. It’s great how close they are. Thanks for reminding me of the site again.

    I’m just got a new job near the Birdlife Discovery Centre .. pretty excited. I’m sad the Sea Eagles didn’t have a successful breeding year though 🙁

  3. I should like to see the little ones growing, but black screen every time I come here. Australia is very far from France… A video would be great. Thank you.

  4. Hi everyone, I’ve been absent due to (1) getting worn out, and (2) my equipment getting worn out! I’ve been recording all this time but unable to gird my loins (!) to do anything with it.

    Anyway, I’ve spent the last 36 hours reinstalling everything on the dying equipment and hope to have something to show you soon, HELIOS 😉

    Here are Diamond and the chicks almost “now”, not frozen 🙂


  5. Crikey! I’ve been away since Wednesday, watching whales and seals and penguins on Gabo Island (where the internet is not!) so I got a big shock to see just how much the “little ones” have grown! They’re gorgeous 🙂 and I love the names!

  6. Love to watch the chicks growing. Just checked the Melbourne falcons nestcam around noon and looks like the birds are in distress. Is it the heat?

  7. Now the Melbourne chicks are doing better. Looks like the ledge does not get shade until 1 pm nest time and all of them were panting very heavily until then. Poor mom was trying to shade them but one unruly chick was wandering almost to the edge of the ledge. Now there is shade and they have settled down plus they are being fed.

  8. Slim pickings from my recordings today, so I made a slideshow… but YouTube says it’s the wrong format, which it isn’t 🙁 YouTube has been glitchy for me lately.

    So here is one snap of the chicks, whom I didn’t see sitting or standing up very often at all, they were mostly in a heap.


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